Everything Is A Remix: KILL BILL

February 2, 2011  |  Theory & Discourse, Videos  |  Share

An extrapolation on the “One Last Thing” from Kirby Ferguson’s web series Everything Is A Remix – Episode 2.

Kirby Ferguson is working on a four part series on how everything is derived from something else. Part one was music, part two is film. The Kill Bill video is a bonus video put together by Robert Grigsby Wilson. Clearly, once you start to dissect Kill Bill, you gotta go all the way ^_^

Here’s part two:

Link to project website

(via waxy.org)


  1. Nice piece, but surprised that it omitted one of Kill Bill’s most well-known visual quotations – John Wayne in The Searchers. I’m sure there are plenty more…


  2. This is a great video!! Although, you just copied content from Lawrence Lessig. = )


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