Wallflower : visual art for your HDTV

note: this is an incomplete prerelease made available for testing and feedback. thnx =)

Imagine your HDTV as a canvas hanging in a fine art museum, modern gallery, or hipster joint. What would it show?

Wallflower is a continuous playlist of visual art for your HDTV. Simply turn it on and let it play. Wallflower is great for parties and entertaining guests — the visuals will naturally add style and energy to your space. The content is constantly updated by artists on Vimeo, so there’s always something new and amazing to see.

Leanback (TV ready) player


How to watch:

  • computer connected to your HDTV  – best!
  • Google TV / Logitech Revue
  • laptop / desktop

Keyboard Controls

  • spacebar – toggle play/pause
  • left / right arrows – prev / next video
  • up / down arrows – volume
  • F-key – open fullscreen
  • ESC-key – exit fullscreen


• What is a leanback player?

Leanback players are TV-ready players for internet video. They’re designed for a “ten foot experience”, meaning that they are meant to be viewed via a TV from up to 10 feet away (i.e. your couch) and easily controlled via a remote.

• Does Wallflower show HD (high definition) videos? Why don’t some videos play at all?

Most videos will be HD. Vimeo’s Plus account allows creators to provide HD playback with a limited total of plays per month. Creators may also choose not to allow HD playback or prevent offsite playback.

• Why is it so quiet?

Wallflower is not a jukebox. It’s meant to be a peripheral, artistic experience so the volume is turned down by default. You can turn it back up if you want.

• Why are you using Vimeo? What about YouTube and other sites?

Vimeo is very popular with creative media artists who have been contributing content for years. I’m not considering YouTube at this time because their player will display layover ads which detracts from the experience. Other sites may be considered.

• Why are you moderating videos? What about stuff I like?

People’s tastes and expectations naturally vary. I’d like viewers to be confident that they won’t be distracted or bothered by aggressive, offensive, or amateurish content. The approval process is to ensure a new member understands what’s appropriate before they become a moderator.

I’ll be adding channels to Wallflower shortly. Then you can create your own channels and add any kind of content you want.

• Why did you use Flash? Why not HTML5?

Only Apple mobile devices need HTML5 – everything else has Flash. Wallflower is a leanback player for your HDTV. Mobile devices are served best by interactive content such as the vj.tv website.

The Wallflower group on Vimeo


The Wallflower group on Vimeo was created to make it easy for artists to participate and contribute to the player, ensuring that there is a constant flow of new visuals for the player.

The visual theme is photography in motion, art and sculpture, color and harmony. Content should passive in nature, not trying to seek or demand attention or be promotional in nature. Videos such as hyperactive visuals, commercial reels, messages, and most music videos would be inappropriate.

Anyone can join as a member. Members may submit videos to the group for approval. To make sure content stays appropriate and interesting, new member submissions must be approved by a moderator before they’ll show up in the group and player.

If the video is approved, the member will be promoted to moderator. Moderators can freely add videos whenever they want. Moderators also approve content submitted by new members.