vj.tv is a repository of videos created by VJs and visual artists, as well as content and ideas that continue to inspire them. The emphasis is on eyecandy – content, gear, installations, and/or software that are visually stimulating.


Originally started in 2001, VJTV was an independent series showcasing audiovisual artists, visual producers, visual artists, VJ/DJ teams, and VJs from around the world. Each episode features a guest artist with interview and visuals, plus short works by additional artists. VJTV aired in six cities across North America from 2001 – 2003, as well as online from 2003-2005.

We first started this project during the summer of 2001 in San Francisco which was a very turbulent period. The dot-com bubble had burst and was grounded completely by the 9/11 tragedy. For the next two years we scraped together the resources to produce this show (I never owned a video camera) editing everything on a Mac G4 dual-450Mhz with an external 20GB drive and lots of miniDV tapes. Creating a one-hour show took 3 days to edit and 24 hours to render (which often failed). As the show grew, many people donated time and gear, even during their own hardships. It was a ton of fun.

The vj.tv domain was picked up in early 2005, but the project remained dormant until late 2007 when it was reborn as a blog. The site was redesigned in 2008 for full size SD videos and again in 2010 for HD video as well as ease of use with touch devices.